Pickwick Learning Teaching Schools Alliance

The Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance (PLTSA) is a DfE designated group of schools, leaders and partners committed to providing support and sharing best practice in education and beyond.

We’re using our collective expertise and shared vision to ensure every child, individual and school in our partnership reaches their goals.

Our aims are simple: to improve standards and life experiences for all pupils and adults within our alliance.

We think this can be achieved by working together and learning from each other.


LLEs work outside their own school, providing support at senior leadership level with the aim of improving standards. Activities could involve coaching and supporting another headteacher, providing peer challenge to ensure impact against school priorities, carrying out a whole school audit or providing focussed support for schools in challenging circumstances. As well as exceptional professional development opportunities for the Headteacher, Pickwick pays schools to release them when brokering LLE work, providing schools with much needed revenue.
Our current round of recruitment for Specialist Leaders of Education is now open and will remain open until 26 May 2017. Specialist Leaders of Education are outstanding middle leaders, or leaders of learning, who are interested in and have the capacity to support colleagues in other schools. SLEs have proved integral in moving forward priorities and activities within Teaching Schools and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to recruit further colleagues into Pickwick’s already established SLE team, who will become invaluable in providing exceptional School to School support across the alliance. We currently have ten SLEs who have been instrumental in supporting schools through coaching, training, mentoring, hosting visits, providing INSETs, showcasing learning and running workshops. Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance is looking for Primary and Early Years Phase SLEs.
Last Wednesday Tom Whittingham came to Ivy Lane Primary School to facilitate his second Leadership Development session. the session focused on a recent Guardian Newspaper article, about a school that was focussing development around promotion of speaking and listening. Please click 'read more' for the full details

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