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In our experience all schools are taking part in exciting research and development projects, even if they don't call what they're doing R&D.  By sharing the inspirational work of our alliance schools we can all benefit from the knowledge and experience of the inspirational work taking place.

Research Groups were set up to focus on different areas of the curriculum that groups of schools were working on.  Richard Churches, Education Development Trust, showed us the importance of evidence-based research and helped us carry it out.

Examples of our teacher-led research:

Title: Using retrieval practice improves pupil progress in times-table tests with Year 4 pupils - a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Reuben Elliott & Rosie Wyatt (Corsham Primary School & Malmesbury Primary School)

Purpose: Exploring the use of times tables testing as a learning event rather than as a means of measuring attainment and progress, through retrieval practice.

Conclusion: This research suggests that using retrieval practice does improve pupil progress in times-table tests of Year 4 pupils.  In Practice, this implies that children who are given low-stakes tests throughout their learning of times-tables facts are more likely to make progress, and therefore this offers an alternative method to aid children's learning.

To read the whole study please click here


Some examples of our 2017 - 18 Programme:





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