Education Development Trust Schools Partnership Programme

PLTSA is committed to self-sustaining school-to-school improvement.  Nine schools within the alliance are taking part in The Education Development Trust's Schools Partnership Programme (SPP), which encourages schools to connect with each other on a local and national level to share their expertise and drive improvement across the school system.

The SPP seeks to embed a culture of high quality self-evaluation, peer review and school-led support and challenge, both within and between schools. This co-constructed approach builds on and goes beyond inspection frameworks, and encourages collaboration across schools to learn from each other in order to create an excellent self-improving school-led system.

The following Pickwick Learning TSA schools are taking part in the programme:

- Corsham Primary School

- Malmesbury Primary School

- Sea Mills Primary School

- Ludwell Primary School

- Ivy Lane Primary School

- Aloeric Primary School

- Frogwell Primary School

- Four Acres Academy

- Queen's Crescent School

If you would like to become part of a new group of schools undertaking this work, please let us know...

For more information about The Education Development Trust and the Schools Partnership programme click here.

If you would like to take part in the programme please contact Amy Tapscott (Pickwick LTSA Director) e: - t: 01249 712387

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